A Twist on a Rock Legend’s Legacy


Have you guys seen this yet? Sad, but as a father, REALLY inspiring.


I remember the first time I heard Core by Stone Temple Pilots. I was 15. I must have listened to it 1000 times throughout high school. I even saw them perform once at the AZ state fair.

Several years later, I heard an interview with Scott Weiland on Howard Stern. He talked about his struggles with heroin, and at the time of the inteview, he was clean.

But the thing is, in the music industry it can be REALLY hard to stay clean.

I’ve see many close friends fall to addiction and alcoholism.

And truth be told, that was a big reason why I left that industry.

I’ve always been a big fan not only Stone Temple Pilots, but Scott himself.

Just over a month ago, my buddy Kevin posted this picture on Instagram:

Scott Weiland and Slater Slums

Kevin is now the lead singer and guitar player for a band named Slater Slums, and they opened for Scott…

Look at the date…

I almost went. We would have been backstage and I would have met one of my favorite frontmen.


I’ll never forget the moment I heard about Scott Weiland’s passing.

Just like Michael Jackson, Bradley Nowell, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse…

That moment just sticks.

And Stays…

Reading this gave me a glimpse of what this kind of loss can mean to those that are closest.

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A Twist on a Rock Legend’s Legacy