Who is Dave Rhea? Hear my Story…

“I spent 8 years in the music business before “selling out” and getting a day job. I’ve been a marketer for over a decade, and have clients all over the world. My passion is helping artists succeed.”

Hi, thank you for stopping by!  Since I’m the founder of Harmonic Planet, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a little bit of my story.

I fell into the music biz while working construction, believe it or not. I was pouring concrete at a recording engineering school in Phoenix when I was just 21-years-old.

I was so stoked by all the technology, the musicians, the energy, and the vibe, that I signed up. And I graduated at the top of my class!I got out of school, thinking I’d be the next Rick Rubin, but quickly found myself interning… And waiting tables…

That’s what you’re supposed do though, right? Work some crap job just to get money to pay your bills and time to pursue your dreams?

Eventually, I landed a great job doing live sound at one of Phoenix’s hottest clubs, and did that for a few years…until I realized that there wasn’t any more room to grow. So I moved to L.A. and got a job at a music store. Things began to take off!

I’ve worked with some of the hottest names in the music business…


Proud Moments

And I’ve worked with literally dozens of other artists that you’ve never heard of, that are truly amazing! Sounds awesome, right? Well, it was… for a while. Until I hit a turning point. You see, all during this time, I was broke as a joke.

I was eating Ramen noodles, wish sandwiches (that’s 2 pieces of bread and a wish that something was between them) and I was a frequent customer of Taco Bell’s value menu.Broke

What was also frustrating is that all of my friends were broke, too. And a lot of these cats were INSANELY talented. So, I started running sound for an MLM company. You know, one of those pyramid companies. Finally, after the 117th time seeing them draw circles on a white board, I thought to myself, “If they can do it, I can do it! And then when I’m rich, I’ll build the studio of my dreams! Then I’ll bring in all of my broke musician friends and we’ll record albums and I’ll help them all become famous!”

Now if you’ve ever been a part of an MLM company, you know that you spend most of your time trying to convince people that they need a product that they don’t, OR that they are an entrepreneur, when they’re not. I even eventually became one of their trainers and spoke to thousands of people at a time.  I made some decent money, but not enough to build my studio.

So, 9 years after I graduated, I found myself back at the recording school in Phoenix working as an Admissions Rep. I worked with musicians on a daily basis, discussing their futures. There were SO MANY of them that wanted to become full time musicians, they just didn’t know how to do it. So they thought a great back-up plan would be to learn the technical side of the industry so they could have something to “fall back on.” What sucks is that if they just understood what I’m here to teach you, many of them would have been able to become successful artists and spend their days doing what they really wanted to do.logoimg

So in 2009, Harmonic Planet was born. I knew that if I was going to help artists, I had to figure out how to market on the Internet. Soooo I went to work… Fast Forward to 2015.

Now I’m a full-time Internet marketing consultant living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Laguna Beach, CA. I’m married to an amazing woman and we are not only music lovers, but art lovers, too.

When we first moved to Laguna, we started attending the Art Festivals and the “First Thursdays Art Walk.” We watched artists struggle with many of the same struggles I’ve watched musicians struggle with.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped my clients generate close to 5 Million dollars in online revenue, and I’ve helped them sell a variety of products. Everything from information products, health products, coaching products, clothing, chocolates, even real estate. In all my experience, I’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter WHAT your selling… This strategy will work EVERY time.

Now, my vision is crystal clear. It came to me when I started working with a band that has SO much talent, yet they can’t seem to get a break. And to this day, they are constantly struggling. They are hustling clubs to get work. The are always playing crappy festivals, to people that don’t appreciate them. Sound familiar?

Now, I want to be able to help musicians and artists MAKE IT! To get heard, and to get seen. AND, to not have to spend their time hustling and worrying, when they should be spending their time CREATING and living their dreams!

My passion is to help musicians and artists thrive.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you, feel free to leave a comment or head over to the “Start” tab and request a free 15 minute consultation with me.




Who is Dave Rhea? Hear my Story…