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My First Piece of Glass Art

I remember the very first time I saw someone blowing glass. It was the winter of 2010, and I was only 2 weeks away from marrying the woman of my dreams… And I still had yet…

My FAVORITE Organization Tool for Artists

Hey artists! I just created a video showing you how to use my absolute favorite tool. I use this for just about EVERY part of my life! lol… I know that Jesse Fortune got a…

Blogging to Promote and Sell Your Art

If you read my previous post, we talked about the “Top 10 Best Online Marketplaces” for alternative exposure of your art. Now, I’d like to discuss the benefits of blogging.  Artists should absolutely use blogging to…

Top 10 Marketplaces to Sell Art Online

Are you an Artist, Crafter or Designer who’s looking for additional sales outlets? If you haven’t tried it yet then you may want to consider posting to online sales platforms. Online activities are not an alternative…

NFL Bad Lip Reading Continues In 2016

This is hysterical. I sat in my office all by myself laughing out loud. I’m a HUGE NFL fan, so I absolutely loved this. Fun side note, the “Bad Lip reader” is still anonymous and…