My FAVORITE Organization Tool for Artists

Hey artists! I just created a video showing you how to use my absolute favorite tool. I use this for just about EVERY part of my life! lol…

I know that Jesse Fortune got a ton of value from it as well, so you may want to check it out!

And the best part….It’s FREE!! You can use this LINK to get a free account. What is your favorite organization or collaboration tool? Please share it with us! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below!


My FAVORITE Organization Tool for Artists


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  1. Kathy Duskey says

    Dave, love it! I watched your webinar last night but a storm front came thru, spotty internet. So… Thank you for reposting today and adding on your organizational tool, Trello. I’m am a painter who taught art in the local schools for 30 years and Am catching up on the online experience, as you well know even 4 years a lot is missed. Thank you ever so much for sharing and yes I will jump right in! Kathy

    1. Dave Rhea says

      Awesome Kathy! I’m so glad you got some value out of this. You’ll see, once you start using Trello it can become addicting!!

  2. Susan Adele says

    well, at first I thought this was not something I would need, however, after listening to the whole video, I think it might just be something I could use. I will keep the site and continue to dig deeper into it. Thank you for this video, and I will probably check out the webinar.

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