My First Piece of Glass Art

I remember the very first time I saw someone blowing glass.

It was the winter of 2010, and I was only 2 weeks away from marrying the woman of my dreams… And I still had yet to find my wedding ring. For about 90 days we would go to jewelry stores, look at jewelry websites and I literally didn’t even like ONE of them.

So my then fiancé said,

“You know what…. There is a winter art festival in Laguna Beach that we should check out. Maybe they’ll have something that you’ll like.”


I was so tired of this process by this point. And I was starting to feel the stress because my wedding was literally weeks away.

We got to the festival and within about 10 minutes, found our artist.

She had a ring that I tried on and loved, but through our conversation, we decided that she would do a commission for us. She knew the deadline and immediately ALL of my fears and anxiety was lifted.

This artist became my hero.



Well, after we paid her a deposit, my wife and I started to walk around the festival. There was a glass cage that glass blowers would work in.


Well as soon as I saw that, I didn’t want to leave. I watched 3 different pieces get created and I was HOOKED.


You can watch the video below to hear the whole story.

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My First Piece of Glass Art


2 Responses

  1. Sandhya Artique says

    Hi Dave, nice video. Even though I myself am a writer, I really appreciate the value of video as a medium for sharing stories – and education – online. Sometimes it works to do both at once: write a nice story that includes one or more video clips for people who prefer to consume information visually.

    1. Dave says

      That’s a great point Sandhya! Everyone digests content differently and while some prefer video, others prefer text, and others prefer a combination of both! Thank you so much for your comment!

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