Social Media Overwhelm? 5 Basic Tips That Will Get You Started

When we talk about using social media for a company/charity/artist/band there are really two types of strategies.

#1 – Paid Content

#2 – Organic/Viral Content

I’m not going to spend much time on paid content because it requires a COMPLETELY different set of skills . There are people that spend their whole careers mastering how to run Facebook ads, twitter ads, etc. There is a science to this and those that do it well, get paid VERY well.

Let’s spend more time discussing strategy #2.

man-404376_12801. When you’re approaching social media, it’s important to understand that if you try to use too many networks, it’s likely that you’ll wear yourself  thin and ultimately become ineffective.

The biggest mistake I see people make is they try to do too much too quickly. I always suggest getting really good at 2 networks, THEN opening up more.

**When I say networks, I’m referring to Facebook as a network, YouTube as a separate network, Twitter as another, etc.

When deciding which two to start with, there are two things to consider.

  1. Which networks are you currently active and comfortable on?
  2. Where does your audience spend their time?

For example, you may be really comfortable on Instagram, but if the audience you’re trying to attract is in their late 50’s, then it’s probably better to use Facebook. And in turn, if the audience you’re attempting to attract is late teen/early twenties, then Facebook may not be as useful as Instagram.

So again, consider what environment YOU are comfortable in, then do some research to see if the audience you’re attempting to attract hangs out in that environment.

icon-set-1175041_19202. Once you decide which 2 networks you’re going to start with, it’s important to make sure that the company image/brand/message is properly represented in the profile. If you use YouTube or Facebook, you have much more space to take advantage of, as apposed to Instagram. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that when people do check out the profile, that it’s VERY clear what the company/charity/artist/band is all about.

3. Start to grow the network. There are many shady techniques for adding friends or followers out there, and I strongly suggest avoiding them. Taking the time to build an audience of people that may actually be interested, will definitely serve you in the long run.

The way to do this is start requesting friends or start following people that hang out in similar areas. So if you’re looking for people that may be interested in a homeless shelter, look for people that have “liked” other homeless shelters, or similar causes in the area.

Look for people that have joined conversations with #hashtags that are relevant to the cause. Or add followers that have “liked” or are following similar companies/charities/artists/bands.

And instead of just friend requesting them, or following them, it’s important to engage with them. Comment on their pictures/videos/posts. You don’t have to write long drawn out comments. Just genuine, honest, simple comments go a really long way.

And in return, it’s important to RESPOND to any comments that are made on YOUR images or posts. If your audience sees that you’re active and engaged and commenting back, they’re much more likely to join the conversation.

content-is-king-1132266_12804. Develop a consistent habit of adding content. Whether it’s images, thoughts, or videos, consistency is KING. I can’t stress this enough. The social media world doesn’t respond to someone that adds a bunch of stuff once a month and then disappears. That doesn’t mean you have to be present every second of every day, or even post something every day. But the more active you are, the faster AND more responsive your network will be.

When it comes to what TYPE of content to add, it’s important to think about what your audience would be interested in. And if it’s something that can give your audience value, then even better!

If you look at this article, it’s something that creates conversation. In other words, it’s stuff that my audience is interested in.

Then if you look at this article, it gives value. At the end of the article, I have an offer for 7 free videos that can help artists and musicians improve their online sales. It actually gives the audience something they can walk with that can improve their lives.

blog-769737_19205. Re-purpose your content. What I mean by this is simple. If you create an image, a post, an article, make sure you put it in as many places as possible. If we write an article, many times it will live on my blog.


Using a blog effectively is a WHOLE different training, and we’ll be doing some training on that soon.

But the point is, I’m a member of many different Facebook groups, as well as Linked In groups, and within those groups, we  post the same article, or we provide a link so the group can click over to the blog and see the content.

You could achieve hitting different audiences by adding multiple #hashtags as well.

You’ll notice the first link I sent was posted inside a group on Linked In called “Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Recording Artists.”

It’s also on my blog here. 

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Social Media Overwhelm? 5 Basic Tips That Will Get You Started