Sublime – Jah Won’t Pay The Bills (Record Store Day 2016)


I’ve already called my local record shop and pre-ordered both the vinyl and the cassette.

I’m what you’d call a SUPER FAN.

In fact, Sublime is one of the reasons I got into the music business.

I remember the first time I heard 40oz to Freedom. I was still in high school. I bought it at my local Zia Record Exchange. I used to cruise down there every Tuesday (release day)

My boys and I would spend hours at Zia listening to all sorts of music.

I miss the days when you had to go to a record store to get music.

Things have changed…

Now, you have access to millions of songs inside your pocket.

I guess that’s pretty badass too…

If you’re a fan of Sublime, let me know if the comments. Or if you’re a


of someone else, let us know.



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Sublime – Jah Won’t Pay The Bills (Record Store Day 2016)