• “The Salty Suites

    We’ve been a band for 5 years, and we’ve experienced some great success, but have always struggled with how to build our online presence. There are so many different music marketing strategies out there, and it can be really confusing to know what works, and which ones to follow. After we found Dave and harmonic planet, we now have clarity, and we’re making massive progress with our social media, website, and fan list.”

  • “Jesse Fortune

    Since working with Dave and Harmonic Planet, I’ve had major improvements with my online efforts. After watching his videos, I immediately put his guidance into action. The results have been amazing. I used to feel overwhelmed with the idea of social media and blogging. Since applying the knowledge I’ve received from Dave, I’ve sold 60+ paintings, and many of them have been a direct reflection of the lessons I’ve learned from him, and Harmonic Planet.”

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    He set up our online efforts and was very informative. Great communication!!!!”

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    and will always try to out-do your expectations and make sure you are more than satisfied with the results. I have, currently am, and will continue to use and recommend Dave to these that are looking to optimize their business.”

    Dmitriy Pisarev – Chicago, IL
  • “Dave is fantastic to work with because he is very knowledgeable and incredibly patient.

    I am not very savvy on the computer! I appreciate how quickly he responds, and I highly recommend Dave!”

  • “Dave has been invaluable in supporting us.

    We appreciate his after hours approachability and support since we’re based in the UK. We’re very thankful to Dave for his support, guidance, and patience!! We are highly likely to refer Dave because he was great!”

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    He’s full of information and he’s happy to teach you as he works with you. We’ve learned so many more things about our capabilities since working with Dave and it’s made a huge difference. He’s open, fun to talk to, and he knows his stuff!”

  • “Dave Rhea is a superstar. I’ve hired him for several projects.

    Some of the things I love about working with Dave are his clear, concise proactive communication, his friendly positive attitude, his forethought and remarkable attention to detail, his Get It Done approach to tackling any problem, his accountability and reliability, his masterful command of the tools and willingness to go the extra mile to find the best solution, and he’s always ahead of me on timelines! I’m so glad I chose to work with Dave and recommend him wholeheartedly!”

  • “Dave is so awesome to work with.

    He opens your eyes to things you never thought possible. His knowledge is amazing. He knows his stuff so well! I would highly recommend Dave!”

    Stephen and Michelle Donaldson – Australia, Fast Property Doctor
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    I cheerfully hired Dave to assist me. Here is what I like about him: He has a great understanding of marketing and an even better understanding of how to apply it to your business so you get the most bang for your buck. He has worked to understand my business, so he can plug in the best parts and maximize the tools for MY business’s benefit. I definitely recommend him to anyone considering ways to acquire leads, convert customers and fulfill a product or service.”

  • “Dave is absolutely awesome to work with .

    He is so patient and really supported me in learning and implementing everything into my business. It can be very overwhelming at times but I felt well supported at all times working with Dave. He is fantastic and always goes that extra mile. Thanks Dave, you’re the best!”

  • “Dave is knowledgable, genuine and patient.

    I appreciate his bed-side manner, mixed with professionalism as he helps address the very technical side of the industry. I highly recommend him.”