Can you believe that this was me?


It’s true! Before I made on single dollar online, I bought these 3 books:


And I actually read them! I remember having a pad of paper, pen, and a highlighter and going through EACH page carefully, while trying to learn as much as possible.

And I have to admit, these books created a really strong foundation for my education.

This was all back in 2011. My wife and I were married in the early part of that year, and we were just starting to talk about having children.

At the time, I was in sales. When I believed in what I was selling, I could kill it. But that all started to change, and I found myself REALLY unhappy. I no longer believed in what I was selling, and when you’ve lost belief…. well, you’re pretty much S.O.L.

I knew I wanted to help musicians become successful, AND I knew that if I wanted to teach them how to use the internet to create that success, then I needed to learn myself.

So I started with the “Dummy” series. Since reading these books I’ve read at least another 50 books on marketing, mindset, and sales.  

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I’m subscribed to a couple dozen email lists from top marketers in the world, and I’ve purchased about $10,000 worth of online marketing training.

I’ve attended events in cities all over the country to listen to guru’s thought leaders, and industry experts.

I’m subscribed to multiple podcasts, and I listen to them while traveling, driving, and working out.

And the truth of the matter is, I LOVE it! I’m actually addicted to learning everything I can about this stuff. Not only is it good for my career, I genuinely love the subject matter.

You may think I’m crazy, or a complete geek,  but I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience in your life.

Maybe it was after you feel in love with painting.

Or after you started playing guitar.

Or perhaps it was after you wrote your first song.

Or took your first photograph that you were really proud of.

Did you get the bug?

I challenge you to think back to when you FIRST started out on your journey and what you became a “geek” for.

Please share your comments with me!